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May 7, 2024

AppStore and Google Play algorithms takes into account number of ratings of application. We want more 5 star ratings for our app's.

Usually people come to store themselves when they want to write awful review, when they are not satisfied with service. Unfortunately bad experience drives better, rarely someone will come to write how they like it. Only if it was lifesaver for them.

How to drive good review for our app's? Happily both platforms give ability to ask for review inside app, when user actually use it.

Let's add dependency

  in_app_review: ^2.0.9

And we can now call pop up for review anytime

import 'package:in_app_review/in_app_review.dart';

final InAppReview inAppReview = InAppReview.instance;

if (await inAppReview.isAvailable()) {

Most important park is to find perfect time when we ask for review. Depending on your niche it can vary.

On some of app's i want review when user opens app on third time. If user opens app three times it gives me assurance that he finds it useful.

Do not ask Review on the first opening

There is big risk that user will be unsatisfied with it, he did not yet had any experience with your app, let him use it. For example if you are pdf converter, then ask him on third time when he successfully downloads file, or maybe even ask it on the process of preparing file for him. it can give feeling that bad review can lead to error.

It is forbidden to make user to give good review, you can receive reject, and then ban from reviewer.

For game perfect time will be when user is winning sometime in the row. For example on one of my games i ask for review then person wins thirteen's level. Not too much and not too early.

That is for today… thank you for attention

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