Increase Conversion Rate of iOS App

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May 6, 2024

Conversion Rate is value which determines ratio at which users downloads our app. It has 3 main factors:

  1. Right keyword traffic
  2. Right screenshots
  3. Right icon

It means, even if you have fantastic visuals, it does not mean that person coming from keyword "book" will download your "PDF Editor". CR affects to algorithm work in future. If we are done with right traffic it will be important to add beauty to our icons and screenshots.

Nowadays AI became important part of our daily life. It gives us opportunity to became one-man-company. If you are Indie Developer it is normal to be not able to create images from scratch. It will help you to create Icon and Assets for screenshots.

Tools which can help you with assets:

  1. Midjourney
  2. Dall-E
  3. Stable Diffusion

Also it is good to have text on screenshots. It will increase connection with user, and do not forget to translate it to all your locales.

Conversion Rate can vary cause of niche. If your app is very rare, and there is no competition, there is big change that people passing by will choose exactly your app.

As an example on Banner you can see screenshots of Game i have created. Assets are generated with help of Midjourney.

Importance of A/B

Do not forget to test any changes of your screenshots. It can be obvious for you that new version is definitely better than old, but sometimes it is opposite. It is better always running A/B test to see if new is better.

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