Research keywords for ASO before you start development

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May 9, 2024

Importance of ASO before development

There is theory of early ASO research stage before even starting writing code. So it means you should prepare titles, subtitles and keywords before development.

Why we do that? We don’t want to build apps people will not use. It is important to not fall in love with your idea, it will lead to disappointment most of times. As a result loss of time and motivation. Important note this theory is not applicable if we are talking about unique idea, cause if it is unique there will not be any insights, competitors, and keywords. But still keywords are good reflection of situation on your niche.

So what we do? 

For example we want to build Manager App for divorced families which own kids. It is very small niche, even it is specific for cultures. It is more western related product, we do not expect big usage in east.

If we research for keywords we will understand that there is almost no traffic, but there is almost no competition. It means people coming from niche keywords will convert to download with big chance.

Is it all? Unfortunately, no. Most of keywords will be related to or family management, organizer or children control. And this is difficult niche, traffic is small and converted to apps like Life360 which takes most of amrket. It means we can expect traffic only from keywords of narrow niche.

As you can understand everything in ASO has both sides, you can not be sure if you do not test. That it is important to create MVP , normally it takes 1 week to build an app when you have starter project with all needed tools that you use in every project.

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