Start ranking TOP 10 in AppStore ASO Tips for beginners

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May 9, 2024

Rank TOP 10 or you will not succeed

On one of our previous topics we talked about keyword research for initial boost on AppStore.

Goal we want to achieve for our keywords is TOP 10 position

Users normally do not scroll more than 10 positions. You can rank for 500 keywords but there will not be any meaning since you did not reached good places. I had ranked for 500 keywords on one of my app’s it gave me less impressions than app which ranked for 60 keywords but had positions.

After knowing our main goal in store let’s think what can we do

Long tail keywords with small concurrency in title or subtitle

But it is important to look to top 10 app’s titles and subtitles

Every ASO tool uses his own algorithm to calculate difficulty of keywords, when popularity comes from Apple directly with Api

We look at top 10 app’s, can we fight for these keywords? If people use exactly your long tail keywords, then it will be hard to beat them. And if there are brands, known apps, it is also red flag 

They are targeting exactly our keyword, and most of times their apps are years in store with thousands downloads and reviews. There is no place for us, with best luck we can get 20 place, which is not good

We should target keywords where people do not target it directly in visible metadata

Always look at top 10 if you want to reach it

But there is another problem, how rare is your long tail keyword then there is more probability that keyword is from narrow query, and it can bring wrong traffic to our page. And wrong traffic means lower Conversion Rate, after some time algorithm will understand that we are not good match for this users, and will cut us. So right traffic is important, with higher Conversion Rate algorithm will move us further giving different keyword traffic, testing us.

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